Connecting People and Cats

I just finished reading this talk and can't recommend it highly enough.[1]

It touches on a lot of interesting points, mirrors a lot of my opinions,[2] and clearly lays out the different priorities that are trying to claim the web.[3]

While it's chock full of takeaways, these are the things that jumped out at me. Either directly from or inspired by parts of the piece:

I’m on team Connect Knowledge, People, and Cats.

So go find a hobby, something you’re curious about, something you want to learn, or simply a way to share whatever it is with others. Document how you do it. Use cheap or open source tools where possible[9] and share those resources with others.[10] Turn yourself and your knowledge into a platform for others to benefit from. And hey, maybe pet a cat (or other furry animal) today.

Source: Web Design: The First 100 Years

[1] Thanks for the recommendation, Thomas!

[2] No wonder I like it!

[3] And reality as a whole since they are pretty linked now.

[4] Yes, I know this gets into the thorny jobs issue, but our concerns for the individual welfare of workers shouldn’t make us subservient to corporate overlords. Plus, that would further erode any leverage we may have.

[5] Looking at you cars.

[6] And what is perfect anyway? Is it possible? What would it take to get there? Is it worth it?

[7] see: 1,000 true fans

[8] Are fears of superintelligent AI systems and what they imply actually fears of what these people see in the mirror and project onto a faceless, inanimate entity to cope?

[9] Or build your own.

[10] This post was written on a sub-$200 Chromebook in Google Docs, exported to HTML, and plugged into my Sunday Papers powered site on Github, then deployed via Netlify to my domain registered via Hover.