Maria Chavez on Creativity

Maria Chavez, an awesome abstract turntablist, shared some thoughts about creativity that can, I think, be applied pretty broadly. (timestamped Overcast link)

“As soon as an idea gets in your mind, don’t question yourself how you’re gonna make it. Or how you can’t make it, actually. Question what resources do you have around you to make it.“

Make the question, as the Stoics might say, about what you can control. Constraints, in creative acts especially, can be far more beneficial than a blank slate.

“If you’re an artist you can make anything with anything”

As an example, Maria made an album that remixed a work that didn’t contain any recorded sound, just empty locked grooves. It’s not about what you have, it’s about what you can do with it.

“You can’t use your excuses, because then you’re not enhancing yourself.”

How can you get just 1% better every day? Ya gotta keep moving forward.

Stay creative. Stay curious.