Blogging Forgiveness

At one point I used the tagline "learning in public & thinking out loud" for my blog.

This is how I view the exercise of blogging. It is the ultimate ownership medium on the web. You stake your claim, plant your flag, and slowly iterate your way to some semblance of a style or focus.

I am currently drafting this post in real time. I doubt I will read it back or make significant edits. I am thinking onto my keyboard and will post this thought process to the world wide web. The wonder of technology.

I also see changing one's mind as a sign of growth. (At least when done in response to learning more or having an experience. Not as a solely people-pleasing mechanism.) We are very rarely 100% right the first time. We should both acknowledge and embrace that fact.

Stong opinions, weakly held.

All this to say, I enjoyed reading Austin Kleon's post on Blogging as a Forgiving Medium.

"But most importantly, I want to be able to be wrong. I want to change my mind! I want to evolve."

The ability to revise and revisit. Reflect and reshape. Retool. Is critical to our abilites to both grow and hone in on various areas of interest or importance to us. I don't know of another way to do this than to write stuff down and revisit as needed. You don't need to do this publically—it can be a journal or private doc—but some of us apparently want more attention, so there's blogging.