Blogging On The Daily

I've wanted to start blogging again for a bit now. But I seemed to focus more brainpower on concepting out the implementation and infrastructure instead of actually, you know, blogging.

Then, I read Austin Kleon's thoughts on daily blogging, my friend Thomas found Neat CSS, and bloggers I found via Seth Godin reiterated the value of the practice, so I deicded the time was now.

So I (re)crafted myself this little corner and here we are.

Sticking with Austin's post, one point in particular really resonated with me:

I could start to see all the connections between posts, the patterns, the idea planets I keep orbiting. Because it’s all in one place, hyperlinked together, I can see my own obsessions in a way that is much harder elsewhere. (Also: I’m owning my turf. This place has been around for a dozen years. Longer than Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram, and if I had to bet, I’d guess it will outlast them.)

Dream scenario; this blog works as a system for collecting and connecting the vast amounts of stuff I read and listen to on a daily basis and helps me uncover links and patterns that I can do something with. I'm also a sucker for the DIY "own your platform" approach to this.

This pairs nicely with his point on frequency (number 4). The recurring deadline elevates the practice from passive to active. The brain starts to look for things to post about, it engages more. This is one of the unexpected benefits I've discovered writing poetry, you notice more.

Of course, that made me realize I've been running a daily haiku blog (depending on your expectation of that term "experimental art haiku" might be more apt) via email for nearly two years now.