Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Always a great time to check out Seth Godin’s Thanksgiving Reader

Music should always let you know that you can have an experience but never tell you what the experience is.

But it just says to you, “come along, I’m gonna take you on a journey and it’s gonna be different.”

Hans Zimmer on Song Exploder (at about the 21:30 mark)

An approach that can extend far beyond music. Although good poetry and prose is basically music that we create own soundtrack for.

Finished reading: Silver Surfer: Black by Donny Cates 📚

The art and story here are amazing. I wish I remember what newsletter I saw it recommended in now but I believe it was mentioned along with a couple other books I’ll be posting about soon. All of which I devoured.

My main recommendation is read this in its physical form. It’s a large format book so I think it’s worth the analog experience over digital (though zooming might be nice).

The first obligation of a painting is to make the wall look better, that it’s hanging on.
-Jasper Johns via David Salle on the Conversations with Tyler podcast

It’s important to not lose sight of that first obligation. Whether in painting or otherwise.

Many times the other obligations won’t matter if the first one isn’t met.

This post is ostensibly about how to speak to children (and is a good list for that). But it also seems like a great list of tips for speaking to people, of any age. Particularly:

  • Make eye contact
  • Keep it simple
  • Use requests instead of demands
  • Don’t escalate your voice if/as the other person escalates theirs
  • Ask the right questions
  • Give alternatives
  • Speak in “can”s instead of “can’t”s (can’t is a “challenge accepted” trigger)

Reading a tweet you enjoy
computer kid thumbsin up gif

“maybe I’ll read the replies and see if I find anything else I like”

~5 minutes later~

charlie day in always sunny in philadelphia in front of a wall covered in papers with red lines connecting various unconnected items aka "murder board"

I like this approach to writing by Austin Kleon:

Make note of every dumb thought that occurs to you throughout the day.

Tomorrow morning, pick the thought you think is the least dumb and write more about it.

Repeat ad infinitum. (Or ad nauseam. You know, whatever works…)

The ideation stage is not the time for editing. Cutting. Judging. It’s the time for creating more ideas, capturing them, and letting future you cull through and make judgements with the benefit of space and time.

Dracula 📚

Finished reading: Dracula by Bram Stoker 📚 This is my first time reading this classic and I’m so glad I finally picked it up. Fun narrative mechanism and an engaging read the whole way through. Crazy to see how much of the modern myth is straight from this novel. Read it on Libby and looked back at my reading journey to see what I highlighted. > We each held ready to use our various armaments, the spiritual in the left hand, the mortal in the right.

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I like this barometer for judging a company’s investment(s):

it is worth looking at numbers like this and asking whether this is like Blackberry investing in touch screens - or Boeing investing in jets.

I enjoyed listening to this podcast episode about the history of the Post Office (USPS), its role in the country, and the weird liminal space it exists in between private company and public service.